Hi!  I’m Jason.  If you’ve known me for longer than 10 minutes then I may have handed you a business card with this website on it and I may have mentioned my blog.  Well – here are links to everything!


This is going to take some explaining. Before I dedicated myself to full time employment I spent a great deal of time working on my own business called Vinci Labs named after the home village of my greatest hero Leonardo de sir Piero da Vinci. Like Leonardo I have always aspired to be a polymath – a master of many things. Since I have refocused myself on working on my career, but have not given up on my dreams I decided to dedicate my personal resources to one of the things I enjoy the most – writing. Vinci Labs stands for much more than a single purpose – I am not just a technical consultant, a guy who can help you restructure your I.T. resources or set up your audio visual equipment; I am a student of all things working to become a master of many. Read on to see my personal journey and contact me if you are trying to find my short story series.

Constants Constraints and Chaos – my blog

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